Saturday, March 22, 2008

Online storage and file sharing

I made a reference to this in the other blog yesterday and tried out a few of these very useful techniques today.

Here's what I looked at and some godd/bad points:

1) file dropper    

Apparently unlimited storage and ability to upload files up to a whopping 5 GB. However, the url to downoad the file can only be copied by right-clicking, select all and copy. also, the email this link function doesn't work for me. I posted my problem to Lifehacker on this.

2) Adrive

50 GB free storage with a folder-making capability. Reported that can upload files up to 2 GB but haven't seen this in the site information. Looks a well-organised site. My username is my email address and my password is one of my commoner ones with a starting capital letter.

3) Wikisend

100 MB max file upload size. Simple, clear, easy-to-use site.


  1. For all online backup, file sharing and storage related info, I recommend this website:

  2. OK, but it doesn't appear to be free. For many home users, if they lose the stuff on their HDDs, it's not a disaster as it might be for a business. Therefore, free services are more likely to be sought than otherwise.