Monday, January 07, 2008

Problems with Opera in F8

For about the last year I've been using Opera as my preferred web-browser. What I like about it is its speed and the speed-dial/new tab facility. Of course, Firefox now has speed dial (possibly even better than Operas as you can include many more icons on the speed dial page). But, I just don't find FF to be as "fluent" as Opera.
However, I'm having very severe problems with Opera in F8.
First, none of the stable versions of Opera that I've tried have even opened for me in F8. This includes 9.25, 9.24 and 9.22
When I click on the icon, the processor usage goes immediately to 100% (presumably just one processor and nothing at all opens. Only way to get out of this is to kill opera.
If I open Opera from a terminal, again nothing happens but no error messages are given.

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