Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Finally, Haiku coming to life!

Well, a lot of positive changes today.
First, I downloaded a newer version of Haiku's daily build (from 18/02/08) and found that I got an Internet (wired) connection immediately on boot. So, a huge step forward.
Then I tried to install Links (text browser) from this link (bottom of comment posted on 15-02-08) and this worked fine although Links takes a bit of getting used to for anybody accustomed to GUI browsers.
However, in the same link as above I saw that there is available a weekly-updated Haiku super-pack that is expandable to 1 GB HDD size and has quite a lot of apps and other stuff included in the package. Get this from here.
Now I did this and installed but couldn't get an Internet connection with the latest super-pack.
So I downloaded an earlier version (Feb 9) and same result--no Internet.
I noticed also that those Haiku's that gave an Internet connection (actually only one up to this point) gave a broadcast address of while all the others gave something like
Then I made a dramatic discovery: trying out one of the super-packs, I noticed that the network was set as Nat while the only one version that gave a connection was set at Bridged.
So, I changed from Nat to Bridged (goto Dell page, edit settings,set on Ethernet and change from Nat to bridged).
Internet connection was immediate and the broadcast address changed to

Before I discovered that the super-packs could have Internet too, I downloaded Opera (for BeOS) 3.62 in the Haikuware site (on the Mac). Then, as the file was only 2.05 MB in size, I transferred it to the Dell using cl1p.net (which is supposed to take a max file size of 2 MB but took this slightly larger one without complaint.
This was a .bin file and the way to install these is:

1) Go to directory where the .bin file is
2) chmod +x filename.bin #make the file executable
3) ./filename.bin #now it will install

So, all-in-all, a very successful day although the Opera version and that of Firefox in the super-packs are very clunky and difficult to use. What's more, you just can't get to your personal iGoogle in either browser.

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