Saturday, February 02, 2008

Further progress on Mepis 7.0

Mepis 7.0 is working fine without any problems other than the freeze that happens when I try to rotate the CF cube. So now I have disabled this.
Nobody replying to my posts on this.
However, did see this thread in MepisLovers forum where some guy complained of a similar (but nowhere near the same) problem with Beryl and M7. He re-installed and whatever problem he had went away. I may have to do something like this.
Today I got sound working (no more than unmute verything in alsamixer. However, these settings seemed to be overwritten at every boot meaning that I had to reset alsamixer again to get sound to work). I posted to the Mepis forums and got some help. It seems that perhaps kmix is what was overwriting my sound settings. So (and this is only a tentative explanation) it seems that launching kmix once the alsamixer settings have been optimised, copies those settings to kmix which means it doesn't overwrite the sound settings anymore.
Also got video working in Opera. It seems my problem was that I was using Opera 9.25 which won't work with the latest flash (9.0.115). As I couldn't get an earlier version, I just upgraded to 9.50 build 1772 and this works fine with the latest flash. A lot of useful info about the use of flash in Opera came out of this thread.
Some guy put a package together for AWN in Mepis and was looking for testers. I volunteered and it looked pretty good although I couldn't do a full test as AWN was already fully installed on my system. However, if I get around to installing CF and AWN on Killian's computer (9 years old), I'll certainly use this method over the first one which was very amateurish.

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