Friday, February 08, 2008

Linux Mint -- some problems

Well, actually, there's aonly one problem and it's a strange one meaning I don't yet have an explanation or a fix.
This is that when I try to edit one of my blogs, the new post page is missing quite a lot of stuff.
For example, no Edit Html or Compose tabs are available -- none at all.
In addition, very few buttons are available on the page; just SpellCheck and Add Image and Preview. I've posted to Blogger Group Help about this but got no replies afetr 15 hours. This usually means it's not a common problem.
Other than that everything is working very well in Mint.

Edit: 24/02/08
I went back to Linux Mint today and the button problem had gone. No sign of it and everything seemed fine.
The reason I had gone back to Mint is because I had come across what seemed to be the problem which is a change to About:Config>User Prefs>BrowserJavaScript from 2 (normal) to 1. When it's on 1, there are all of these missing buttons in the blogger page. On the other hand, Gmail starts up considerably faster.
When I checked today in Mint the BrowserJS was at 2. Presuming it had been at 1 earlier, why was it at 1 and why did it change back?
No answers to this.

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