Thursday, February 28, 2008

Re-installation and configuration of FreeBSD 6.3

I had tried to install Compiz-Fusion on FBSD but had to stop it half way (intending to run it over night).
Therafter, FBSD would only boot to the TTY login and "kdm start" did nothing (although startx worked). So, it looks like my KDE got messed up.
Rather than trying to resurrect something that was perhaps beyond salvation, I decided to re-install FBSD.
Although I chose "All" of the so-called canned packages, I couldn't get kde to start (couldn't remember if I had to install it separtely last time).
Anyway, this time, I did install KDE, but only after first upgrading the ports tree with Portsnap.
Then after upgrading the ports, I went ahead and installed KDE using this guide.

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