Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yakuake now working in PCLOS

Well, if you keep at something long enough, eventually it might just work.
This is more or less what happened to me with Yakuake which wouldn't at all work for me in PCLOS 2007-Gnome yesterday.
The Yakuake version in the PCLOS repo is 2.8-2pclos2007 but as I reported yesterday, this just kept crashing without ever even giving the slightest sign that it was going to open.
So, I decided to try with an earlier version which I got from here.
I had actually tried a very slightly later version first (2.7.5-4.fc7.rpm) which also didn't work for me -- although I just can't remember exactly what the problem was -- it may have been exactly the same as before.
Then I tried the 2.7.5-2.fc4, and I installed by first deleting/purging the one that was already there using

# apt-get remove --purge yakuake

and nothing more than this. (Actually, I didn't know up to this that apt-get works fine in pclos-gnome).
Then I did this to get the older yakuake installed
# rpm -ivh yakuake-2.7.5-2.fc4.i386.rpm

and this installed very fast (its only a 80kB download).
Now I found that it almost works in that the "started" sign comes up when you start it and pressing F12 gives the drop-down terminal.
However, as I had found in both Zenwalk 4.8 and Fedora 8, the drop-down terminal shows up WITHOUT any prompt to allow command typing.
Then I remembered that you need some kde stuff for this to work outside of kde.
First I tried kdebase-devel but this didn't seem to help.
The I tried kdebase-konsole and now it worked!!!
(I should mention that I also have kdebase and kdebase-servicesmenu installed.
Well worth the wait as this is a great app.

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