Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Block my IP from recording hits in Statcounter

To prevent my use of my own blogs dominating the hit counter results, statcounter allows me to put my IP (external, of course) in the exclude list.

However, which one because my external IP seems to change regularly. So, I spoke to the ISP about what range of IPs they use so that I could use something like xxx.yyy.zzz.* in the exclude list.

But, it seems that IP changes can move even the .yyy above. So, If I were to use this IP in the exclude list -- xxx.*.*.* --- this would mean I as blocking one billion IP addresses which is a lot.

The ISP told me that I could get a static external IP but I'd have to pay and , according to him, it's not too cheap which essentially rules it out for me.

He also said that the IP will only change when the router is rebooted (or if in some other way the connection is remade). This is useful.

So, my intention is to do the following:

1. Every time connection is remade, add new IP to statcounter exclude list

2. Leave old external IP in list as it may be that the available IPs for my router actually come from a restricted list meaning that eventually I will have all possible IPs in the list.

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