Saturday, March 08, 2008

How is AWN in FreeBSD 7.0 ?

So, I've had a few days with AWN in FBSD 7.0 and while it works, it really is nowhere near as streamlined and troublefree as it is in the Linux OSes.
In other words, it seems buggy.
Here are some problems:

1.When it starts at boot from ~/.kde/Autostart, it may launch with two bars, each containing each icon twice. So, you get four of everything
2. Some icons/launchers just won't stick in the dock. For example, I "made" a launcher for Opera 9.50 as the installer didn't. But, this just won't stick when I drag it to the dock (and there are plenty others.
3. Launchers already in the Launcher list in awn-manager may just dissappear.

Nevertheless, once you get it set up the way you want (add in or take out icons/launchers, take out additional awn bars) it'll stay good for the whole day as long as you don't reboot.
For me, awn is so great it's worth this small additional trouble.
Could become a real pain however, if you're continually changing OSes on a multiboot system.

Actually, I have a nice thread going with one of the awn developers and maybe we can get round to solving these bugs.

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