Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Major improvement in FreeBSD sound

Today when I opened Amarok, got a message about needing to open "esd" which I had never seen before. Indeed, I'm still not even sure what esd is.

So, I typed "esd &" in a terminal, got a loud scale-type sound. Thereafter, Amarok (both ripped CDs and last.fm) worked perfectly. A few times when I booted back into FreeBSD and started Amarok, I got no sound until I type "esd &" in a terminal and then got sound immediately.

Another important feature is that with esd there is absolutely none of the buzz or loss of sound that I experienced up to now.

Nevertheless, last.fm still doesn't work independently of Amarok and still can't play CDs in CD player. 

See post #26 of this thread for more detail on where I am right now.

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