Friday, April 04, 2008

Yakuake 2.9 working in Foresight Linux

Due to an awful lot of detailed help from the guy who is developing and maintaining yakuake, I've now got it working in ForesightLinux 2.0

The key things were:

1)Install konsole 4.0.2

2) Now yakuake should start up but F12 doesn't open the window.

3) Use this CLI to get it to open

qdbus org.kde.yakuake /yakuake/window toggleWindowState 

4) Now open yakuake window and configure its Behaviour such that the box for "Open window when mouse pointer touches the screen edge" is checked.

5) Now even though, F12 still doesn't work, the yakuake window can be readily opened by moving the mouse pointer to the top screen edge.

I have a very long email conversation with this guy which contains very many details on yakuake.

One of the things this guy said was to install version 2.9.1 which might eliminate some of the problems I have. But this is only available from source and the source is kde4 based. So need to use cmake to compile and my attempts at this failed miserably but I'll try it again.

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  1. Maybe you could ask him to post details for yakuake you get by mail?