Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Accented characters

I had been happily typing in Portuguese in the Kurumin OS for some time without any problems (just click the icon to change to the BR keyboard layout).
However, yesterday, I upgraded to KDE 4.1 and found that in BR I could not type letters like ê and ã. Instead they came out like ^e and ~a.
I did a lot of searching in Keyboard>>Layout>>Layout Options but none gave the characters back.
I found posts that seemed to suggest that this was a KDE bug although no solution was provided.
However, I had noticed ever since the KDE4 upgrade a small colourless icon in the panel that I had never used. This turned out to be SCIM and it provided three options:

Outro - Inglês/europeu

I chose Outro - Inglês/europeu and my accented characters were back.
Where this SCIM came from, I not sure. Is it a part of KDE4 or did I inadvertently activate it from somewhere?

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