Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Buttons to websites/apps in Opera personal bar

Although I've used things like the del.icio.us buttons here for some time, I never got around to making buttons of my favourite sites.
Here's how to do it.
So, for example, I wanted to add Statcounter as a button to my Opera personal bar. First you have to open that page (statcounter) and then also open the customize dialog box for the toolbars (just right click on a bar and choose 'customize').
Then click on the buttons tab and then click on My Buttons.
Now drag the url of the page you opened (statcounter) to the My Buttons list.
Now drag the button that's formed to where you want it to live on your personal bar.
Don't worry if the button name that appears isn't what you had in mind. Just go to the button and right-click on it. Here choose properties and change the name to whatever you want.
There are very nice and convenient. I'm surprised I hadn't used them before.

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