Sunday, June 15, 2008

Can't resolve issue with PCLOS and Compiz

I had mentioned a few days ago that, although PCLOS 2007 Final installed fine and seems to work OK, once I install 3D effects either from PCLOS Control Center or by installing fusion-icon from the repos (I had to activate the first 5 repos to make this available), PCLOS won't boot. The boot goes so far then just blacks out. The only way back is to hard reboot and re-install PCLOS.
I've even done this so that fusion-icon is installed but not included in ~/.kde/Autostart so it won't autostart on boot.
Nevertheless, it still manages to mess up the boot.
Note that 3D effects seem to work fine until the reboot.
I posted to the PCLOS forums on this. Will I get any replies?

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