Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kurumin exploded but now working again.

I spent quite some time yesterday trying to get Awn-applets (or extras) working in Kurumin. This included adding all the AWN dependencies (for Debian based OSes) from the AWN-Wiki and installing AWN + Extras from Reacocards repo (for Hardy.
Not only did this not work but it also seems to have messed up my Kurumin install. Now after a boot, the keyboard wouldn't work (although it did work in the login page).
I had no option but to re-install.
Tried first without formatting /home but got the same problem once I installed the desktop effects.
So, tried again but this time formatted /home.
Now I remembered one thing I wasn't doing. After the install, the first thing I always do it to do a complete update. In this the vmlinz and initrd.img files are upgraded from 2.6.24-18 to 2.6.24-19.
Now I had been continuing booting (from Ubuntu) to 2.6.24-18. Now I changed /boot/grub/menu.lst in Ubuntu to boot to 2.6.24-19.
Although I don't understand why, nearly everything seemed to now come right. In particular, just adding a very small Display SubSection to /etc/X11/xorg.conf containing no more than this

Modes 1280x1024

and the screen resolution changed to 1280x1024 without me having to go near Configuracoes do Sistema.
I posted about this to the Kurumin forum where more detail is provided.

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