Monday, June 09, 2008

Mandriva looking a whole lot better on MacBook--eliminated error due to 64-bit iso

I've mentioned that the new Mandriva Spring 2008 install wasn't performing well at all -- e.g no desktop icons, startup error when setup for 3D effects and many others.
Today, however. when updating my system I noticed the number 64 occurring too frequently for comfort in the terminal readouts.
Had I inadvertently installed a 64-bit OS on my 32-bit computer?
So, I downloaded Mandriva Linux Spring 2008 i586 and installed where the 64-bit was. Not only did this boot without any problems, but it immediately had 3D effects, icons on the desktop, much more complete menus and many others.
I really don't know how I made this silly error of trying to install a 64-bit iso on a 32-bit system but, yes, I did try!!!
Interestingly, because I had downloaded the new iso to the Mandriva desktop, but couldn't see the iso icon to burn it, I had to look for how to do this from a terminal.
The answer is here and the command is:

cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom driveropts=burnfree -v -data cd_image.iso

This worked perfectly on the MacBook and the only thing I had to change was the name of the cd_image.iso. Seemed to burn at around 20x but I'm not sure how to reduce to a slower speed were it necessary.
Worth knowing this for emergencies.

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