Sunday, June 22, 2008

More AWN experimentation in Kurumin

Turns out that only some icons/apps (actually .desktop files) cannot be loaded to the AWN dock but the majority can.
Posted to the AWN forum about this and apparently it´s not an easy problem to resolve. Recommended that I try the standalone launcher which seemingly should allow me to make my own launchers which should then load to the dock.

One problem with AWN as it stands in Kurumin is that there are no applets available.
So, I tried to compile from source but, as usual whenever I´ve tried this, I just kept running into one dependency problem after another. Finally, I gave up when I just couldn get the vte package acknowledged by the ./configure step for the awn-extras.

Maybe the next step is to post to the Kurumin forum to see if anybody has AWN working well.

I also removed the installed AWN and tried to install AWN and the extras from Reacocards repo. The dock installed but it had no working AWN-manager so I couldn´t see if the applets were available or not.
So, looks like I´m not going to have the applets soon. Another thing to mention in my post to the forum although I suspect that userś of this distro are not very eye-candy aware.

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