Sunday, June 29, 2008

No desktop cube rotate in openSUSE 11.0

I mentioned that I had noticed this in my new install three posts back.
So, today I posted to the openSUSE forums about it. Got quite a few replies but nothing worked. Still have wobbly windows, compiz is the window manager, emerald decorator but the cube just won't rotate.
So, I thought maybe it was due to my chosen DE (KDE4). So, I installed again but this time with KDE 3.5. Same thing, wobbly windows but no desktop rotate.
Finally, I tried Gnome 2.22 and got the very same result.
It had been my intention to install openSUSE 10.3 but the DVD check gave errors so I didn't try it.
This is very puzzling.

Edit (30-06-08):
Then, just by chance I happened to drag one of my wobbly windows to the edge and was surprised to find that it moved to another face of the cube. So, the cube was really there!
Perhaps the problem was the Alt key which, after all seemed to be giving trouble in the Alt-F2 and Ctl-Alt-BackSpace commands.
So, I changed the binding for Rotate Cube from to . Now, it worked! My cube rotated.
Now, I had chosen the keyboard layout US for the install. So, now I changed it to Irl, UK or BR. For ALL of them the key binding worked for cube rotation. So did Alt-F2 but, Ctl-Alt-BackSpace stubbornly refused to work.

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