Monday, June 30, 2008

openSUSE 11.0 -- other events

Installed AWN (+extras), fusion-icon, yakuake and kcheckgmail all from the repos. But still can't figure out how to autostart these. Some start without going into ~/.kde/Autostart (kcheckgmail and AWN). But I put yakuake and fusion-icon into Autostart but only yakuake starts. I posted on this here but haven't got any replies yet.

For some reason I deleted the desktop panel. So, I re-installed the panel and added clock, stop buttons and system tray. But, now, kcheckgmail doesn't show up in the panel any more even though it does seem to start. More important is that there is no longer the kmenu which makes it difficult to start apps. I posted on this here but, once again, no replies up to this.

Edit: (5-07-08)
Actually, I was totally wrong about not being able to get ALL the default icons back on the KDE4 panel if it's lost. First, the "lizard" (actually, geeko) icon is called the Application Launcher. Also, here's a very thorough forum post on the very issue.

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