Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Installed VMwareServer in KuruminNG

VMware Server is available as a Magic Icon and is therefore very easy to install (although you still have to get your own serial number -- however, I have seen before that once you have a serial number you can use the same number over and over for various installs on different computers and different OSes).
Installed fine but couldn't get the VMware icon into the awn dock but it's there on the desktop.
Tried it with Senryu and it worked fine other than I couldn't get it to go to FullScreen. Got this error message:

Unable to find an appropriate host video mode.
Adding the guest mode to the 'display' subsection of the 'screen' section of your /etc/X11/XF86Config and restarting X is likely to help.

Failed to switch to full screen SVGA mode.

I found a solution here and it involves two steps:
1) In VMware Server, go to "View" and select "Autofit window" and "Autofit Guest"
2) In a a terminal
sudo gedit ~/.vmware/preferences

Find the line
pref.autoFitFullScreen = "fitHostToGuest"

and change it to:
pref.autoFitFullScreen = "fitGuestToHost"

and then reboot and everything should be fine.

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