Monday, July 07, 2008

More progress with Giver.

I was surprised to find that Giver didn't work very well at all in openSUSE 11.0 with KDE4. So, today I installed Gnome 2.22. Then I tried Giver again. This time it worked perfectly, including for the first time I could launch Giver from Applications>>Internet>>Giver. So, it seems it doesn't like KDE4.
I installed Giver also on Margaret's computer (Dell E520) under Ubuntu and it worked fine and picked up Giver on the Mac and on my Dell. No problem passing files, folders and whatever between all computers.
One thing that I thought was a major problem on all of the installs of Giver I did in Ubuntu (three computers) is that the /usr/bin/giver command won't work after shutting down giver. I had tried recompiling giver and even going through the whole guide I posted yesterday before I realised that all that was need was to run this line

export MONO_PATH=/usr/local/lib/mono/notify-sharp

After, the app still won't start from Applications>>Internet>>Giver. So, you have to run /usr/bin/giver in a terminal or you can run it in the run box of Alt-F2.
However, still can't get Tomboy notes or Tasque tasks to be accepted by Giver. Don't know what's wrong here. Might have to talk to that developer guy Calvin about this.
I wonder is it installable on any other OSes? I'm sure Linux Mint shouldn't be a big problem and maybe Foresight (as they're so much like Ubuntu). Might try them later on.
Also, I installed a gravatar (which means, after signing up for your gravatar -- globally recognised avatar -- you just enter you email address in the gravatar box in Giver preferences.After messing around with this for the second day, I'm even more impressed and wonder why it's not much more widely used. How do I know it's not much used? Well, no forum, very little shows up in Google or the mailing list has a total of one (unanswered) message in it.

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