Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Some observations on Giver performance.

I was surprised today that I got Giver to work so easily in Foresight (on both computers) with a much more streamlined install than I used for Ubuntu. More difficult to understand is that it actually works better in Foresight than in Ubuntu for reasons I outline in the previous post.
So, I thought I'd delete Giver from Ubuntu (on the Dell) and re-install it with just the equivalent of the stuff I used in the Foresight install.
I did the complete removal through Synaptic but should have know this wouldn't uninstall everything I installed such as all that mono stuff.
So, when I re-installed it using the light approach I used in Foresight, in fact hardly anything got re-installed as very little had in fact been taken out in the complete removal.
So, no big surprise to find that the resulting Giver behaved exactly as the previous one had done.
I'm going to have to try again but this time manually take out as much of the additional stuff I put in.

Another observation I mad today is that sometimes, particularly when three computers are involved (I didn't try any more than this), you may not always get a good connection for some of the machines. This seems to apply to the computers that are already using Giver when another comes online.
What happens is that, although the computer shows up in all Giver recipient boxes, in some boxes one computer may not show its IP+Port but rather something which looks like an exaggerated Mac address (actually, I wonder is it perhaps an IPv6 address -- have to check this).
Anyway, computers registered like this can neither send nor receive files/folders from other computers.
However, at times a connection does get made (IP address shows up again) if Giver is shut down and restarted on the computer showing the bad address.

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