Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ubuntu install stops due to Migration-Assistant crash

I tried today to install Ubuntu 8.10 (Alpha3 version) on the Mac. Note that I had already tried an upgrade using the update manager but this wouldn't work as it errored out complaining about some calculation error (I forget the details but it's not an uncommon problem).
Today, however, the install from LiveCD seemed to be going fine until I got to 88% on the install progress bar when it crashed and brought me back to the LiveCD page.
OK, I thought "well, it is an alpha". But as my Ubuntu / partition had been formatted, I now had to re-install Hardy from its LiveCD. Once again, this seemed to go fine until I got to 88% when it too crashed. Back on the LiveCD page, a crash report appeared blaming a Ubiquity crash during the migration-assistant operation.
Tried again, same thing. Then tried Intrepid Ibex, same thing.
On googling, I found that this is not an uncommon problem and the solution is to open a terminal in the LiveCD home page and type

sudo ubiquity --no-migration-assistant

Here are the links (first, second) where I found this tip.
I believe I've hd this problem once or twice before but it seems to have always "gone away" on a second try.
Now if it happens again I'll know what to do. Have to keep it in mind for other Ubuntu-like OSes, too.

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