Friday, July 25, 2008

Using new font in Blog title.

I wanted to use the marvelous font shown here (sorry I can't reproduce it here in blogger) for my other blog title.
I used this guide to do it although, I made quite a few changes to what's recommended in this guide.
What I did was as follows:

1. Install the new font. So, just download it to your Desktop, unzip and copy the *.ttf file to /use/share/fonts/other. The /other directory I just made for want of anything better to call the new type of font I wanted to install.
2. Now open Word Processor and the new font should be available as an option.
Write out the title in more or less the size you need and change the font colour and background to what's applicable for your blog.
3. Now, take a screenshot.
4. In Picasa, crop the screenshot so that only the actual part you want to appear as your title appears in the shot.
5. Log into blogger and go to the dashboard of your blog. Click the Layout tab.
6. Click the Edit button on your Title header page element (probably labelled with the name of your blog)
7. Leave the Blog Title as it was (otherwise browser tabs won't show your blog title) and upload the Title .jpg image that you cropped in Picasa (upload from computer. I didn't need to upload first to Google Page Reader as the guide suggests)
8.Under Placement, select the "Instead of title and description" radio button.
9. Save changes and that's it.

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