Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Euro (€) symbol in Linux

These days I basically only use Linux although I do flit in and out of quite a large number of different distros.
Getting the € on my Dell desktop is not difficult. However, getting it to appear on my MacBook was somewhat more of a challenge.
To date, I haven't tested this on all of my distros on either machine but I'll add this info in edits in the future.
Here's what I know at present:

1. MacBook, (C2D, 2.16GHz) Foresight Linux, Gnome

Highlight the layout you want to modify and click the Layout Options button.
Here, click on Adding the EuroSign to certain keys
and check the box on whichever you want (I chose Add the EuroSign to E key)
Now, select Compose key position and select whichever you want (I chose the "Caps Lock is compose").
To get the EuroSign to appear in Text Editor, Yakuake, Opera or whatever (it worked in everything I tried) just:
1. Hold down the compose key
2. Press the "€" key (in my case the "e" key)
3. After having released the compose key and the "€" key, press "=" and voila! you should see the €.

2. Dell desktop 4550, KuruminNG, KDE 4.1

I didn't have to do anything here.
But, the key-combiantion I need to get € is different in the two layouts I use (ie and br -- neither with variants).
In ie, use AltGr + 4
In br use, AltGr + e

3. Dell desktop 4550, Ubuntu 8.04, Gnome

Exactly the same as in KuruminNG.
In ie, use AltGr + 4
In br use, AltGr + e

4. MacBook, (C2D, 2.16GHz), openSUSE 11.0, KDE 4.1

K-menu>Computer>YaST>Hardware>Keyboard Layout>Keyboard Properties>Options.
Scroll down to the section "Compose Key Position" and select your choice (I chose Caps Lock is Compose).
Then scroll down further to the section "EuroSign Key Position" and, once again, make your choice (I chose "Add the EuroSign to the E key".
Now, to get €, I do exactly as I do in Ubuntu on the same machine.

There's a very useful thread on this topic here which also mentions kcharselect which allows access to a whole range of other symbols (although strangely the € is missing).

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