Thursday, August 28, 2008

Faster and faster internet

Spoke quite a few times to my ISP (Eircom) as to why I was not seeing a consistent 3 Mbps d/l rate. The guy claimed that it our Sky satellite TV (which is hooked up to phone lines) may be interfering with the signal which he said was very noisy.
So I disconnected the phone line from both TVs, whereupon the guy said that the signal became steadier and clean. He recommended putting an ADSL filter on each of the phone lines to the TVs.
He then said that everything was ready for my line to be upgraded to 7.6 Mbps and I would start seeing this in 10-15 minutes.
However, even after 2 hours, the best I was getting was still below 3 Mbps.
So, on the phone again. This guy said that it had never been set up for 7.6 Mbps but he could do it right now. So, he did and the speed actually did go up to in excess of 6 Mbps with about 450 kbps u/l.
Now some hours later I'm still getting this (with phone line to TVs disconnected). Just right now I measured 6138 kbps d/l and 500 kbps u/l. However, it seems the router needs to be rebooted every now and again.
But, although the situation is not troublefree, at least things are moving a lot more swiftly than they were at the start of the week. Indeed, right now, I don't know how I could have put up with only 1600 kbps just a few days ago (and worse, 1 Mbps a few years ago).

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