Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Further Mac progress

The post I made to the MacRumors forum about not being able to see the date in the menu bar received a few more replies overnight. Turns out there is a way to see the date using a very simple procedure as outlined in post #4 of this thread.
This worked fine for me other than:
i) it's difficult to actually select the date stuff in the customize section of the date configuration. In the end I just cut and pasted each one separately.
ii) this doesn't seem to work at all if the Year is included in the date part. I tried this several times and it never worked.

The iStat menus are also mentioned in the thread. I see a lot of references to them so I might need to take a look.

I had installed the Gmail notifier yesterday but it didn't autostart. So, I had to find how this is done in OS X. It's all explained here and is very simple.

When I tried to open iTunes from the dock I got this error:

The folder "iTunes" is on a locked disk or you do not have write permissions

To get rid of this error, I had to go into GetInfo for my Music folder and get rid of the _unknown owner and replace with myself. Seems I'm still suffering from the username change and possibly will be for some time.

Also today, I installed Quicksilver from here. Although I understand it to be like Gnome-Do in Linux, I've really no idea how to use it. However, here's a tutorial that might help.
I chose right-cmd + that weird key to the right of it as the Hotkey for Quicksilver.

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