Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hide labels in your blog

The labels in a blog sidebar can at times be almost overwhelming or even off-putting.
I came across this blogpost which outlines how you can tidy them up and provide options for displaying the list of labels as required.
The details of how to do this, as well as the code required, is provided in this blog.
Actually, doing it is very easy and should present no problems -- although as always care is advised.
As a result, the Labels section of the sidebar now shows no labels but, instead, four boxes. The link What Are These Boxes? explains what clicking each box does. But, I'll just summarise here for convenience:
First box: Hides the labels if already opened by clicking one of the other three boxes
Second box: Shows list of labels as it was previously
Third box: Provides a dropdown box of the labels
Fourth box: Show list similar to second box but with frequency shown by label font size rather than a number

However, I really didn't like this last one so I took it out of the code. So, this blog only shows the first three boxes. I've left, for the moment all four boxes in my other blog. Have a look there if you really want to see how the fourth box looks.

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