Monday, August 25, 2008

Installed Mozy 1.0.1 on the MacBook

Once I had removed the permissions/ownership problem on the Mac, I was able to successfully install Mozy.
Mozy insists that Spotlight must be enabled in OSX before install. As I very rarely use OSX, I really wasn't sure whether it was enabled or not. So I did a bit of reading here and here and found that Cmd-SpaceBar did indeed bring up Spotlight so it WAS indeed enabled.
Installation of Mozy was very simpleand fast.
To launch it, just go to HardDisk>>Applicatiosn>>Mozy and double-click. Now you can choose to backup stuff from your computer or to send some special files to the Mozy servers (which is basically the same thing as backing up).
I'm doing this now and it's going very well other than the pathetically low upload speed (220 kbps) I have to put up with (although it's supposed to be going up to 330 kbps next month).

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