Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is there an online notetaker that works with Opera in Linux?

I used to love Google Notes and used it extensively back in the days when I was greeted by the slow boot, the AVGFree demand for updating and the occasional BSoD when I started up Windows XP every morning.
Since I started using Linux and Opera browser some years ago, I've been looking for something to replace Google Notes which unfortunately doesn't see eye-2-eye with Opera.
Then I came across this list which was a pleasant surprise. I really didn't think I had been overlooking so many of them.
So, I tried out a few of them. However, in addition to Google Notes, neither Springnote nor Evernote work well with Opera.
But then I tried Zoho Notebook and, guess what, this works fine in Opera.
Zoho is a very nice note-taker and, from what I remember, is quite a bit more elaborate and web-twoish than GoogleNotes.
It seems you save your stuff together in large pages where you can put text-entries, urls (which shows the web page in a small box), video, audio, photos and a few others.
Each can be saved as a Book to which you add pages as required.
However, I'm still a bit puzzled about the benefit of these small url windows on the book pages. It's not clear to me how you make use of these as they're too small to read comfortably and there doesn't seem to be any means to make them full-screen.
Also, there seems to be some problem uploading audio files. I managed to uload one, but then, as with the url boxes, what can you do with it? there's no media player and I can't find how to download the music.
Must be that I'm on a steep part of the learning curve. I'm sure I'll figure these problems out before the end of the week and if I do I can really see myself making a lot of use of Zoho Notebook.

Edit (21-08-08):
I should have watched this video first as it gives a lot of explanation of how to use Zoho notebook. Actually, it is a LOT more useful and feature-full than I had indicated above.
This video is almost the same as the first but a little shorted.
And here's a PCWorld review of Zoho Notebook.

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