Friday, August 29, 2008

Satellite TV system reduces Internet speed

With my new Internet speed (up to 6400 kbps down and 520 kbps up), I had found that there was a major interference from the Sky satellite system which requires two phone cables from the main phone output box to each of the two Sky boxes that we have.
When the phone cables were plugeed into the TVs, Internet d/l speed droped from about 6200-6400 to 300-3200 kbps.
However, the problem was easily resolved.
I bought a Advent ADSL filter for €10 and inserted it in the main phone socket. The line that goes to the router I placed in the ADSL outlet of the filter. Then in the phone outlet of the filter I placed the "tripler" that had previously been in the main phone socket. Into two of the tripler outlets I placed the two phone lines that go to the Sky boxes.
Note that the line from the ADSL outlet actually splits to both the router and a phone.
Nevertheless, this arrangement exactly solved the problem. Now, even with the phone lines hooked up to the two Sky boxes, Internet d/l speeds over 6000 kbps are obtained.

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