Sunday, August 17, 2008

Xdrive -- more online storage

I have a great interest in the whole cloud computing concept and use it as much as possible (things like Gmail, delicious, tasque, eyeOS, my blogs and many others).
Online storage is a major part of this and I like to look out for opportunities in this area, particularly (or, more precisely, exclusively) if they're free.
Xdrive from AOL is one such and offers 5 GB of free online storage (although you can pay for greater storage space options).
I tried it out today and it looks pretty good. A potential difficulty with a lot of online storage options arises if it is not possible to select all of the files you want to upload at one time instead of uploading each one individually.
In Xdrive you can readily continue clicking the Add button to select more files for upload. Additionally, it has its own media-player in which you can readily select a playlist.
However, the accelerated upload option didn't work for me as it kept dishing out an error message about formatting.
In addition, I had discovered Xdrive as another version of what is supposedly available as an Adobe Air app that works on Linux. However, I just couldn't get it to install.

Edit (17-08-08):
Well, that's a pity. But as the commenter has noted, looks like Xdrive's days are numbered. Oh well, c'est la vie. Here's the link.

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  1. XDrive will be closing soon:

    Just go to and search for "XDrive".