Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chromium in Ubuntu and Mac OS X

Google Chrome is not yet available for either Linux or OS X (or anything other than Windows) but Unix users can use Chromium.
So, I tried this out on both Ubuntu (Mac) and OS X.
Very easy to install although it's a big install. Mac download was close to 50 MB and the final install took up about 124 MB. That's bit when you consider that the latest Opera is about 8 MB and Chromium is supposed to be a slimmed down browser.
For me, in both instances, it appeared identical to Google Chrome which I had used a few times in a VM Windows XP.
So, my comments are really no different than they had been before when I looked at the latter
Comparisons have to be made against Opera (I'm using either 9.52 or 9.60 Beta now) which I have used for almost two years and have very few complaints other than the fact that much new software is not Opera-compatible.
So, why do I like Opera?
1. It's noticeably faster than all other browsers I have tried
2. Speeddial is a wonderful productivity tool
3. I like its download manager and in-built torrent client
4. How it handles rss feeds suits me perfectly
5. I make major use of My Buttons

So, how does Chromium compare?
1. It's not slow but it doesn't seem to me to be at all as fast as Opera
2. Chromium's most visited sites is similar to, but not the same as speeddial. A major benefit of speeddial is that your chosen webpages are ALWAYS in the same location so you don't need to search around to find out where they are.
3. Chromium's bookmarks bar is just as good as Opera's My Buttons
4. When I Open in a New Tab, I expect that tab to open rather than just sit there waiting to be clicked. Chromium falls down there.

All in all, I'm going to continue checking out Chromium (and Google Chrome when it comes along) in Linux and OS X, but I honestly haven't seen anything that would make me even think of moving away from Opera.
On the other hand, Google is a large and very rich company and they are unlikely to settle for something that's, well, crap. So, I'll certainly keep an eye on it.

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