Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ext2fsx -- still struggling withthis

A day or two after I installed ext2fsx from here, two (of my eight) Linux OSes (all Ext3) showed up on my desktop and could be read (but not written to).
Then a day or two ago (after maybe a week) they disappeared for no apparent reason.
However, I decided I'd see if I could get them back. So, I went into ExtFSManager and tried to mount each of the two that had previously mounted (Ubuntu / and Ubuntu /home).
They errored on attempted mount and suggested trying disk repair.
So, over to Disk Utility and I tried to repair both and, surprisingly both repaired without errors. Back to ExtFSManager and I was able to mount both without problems. What's more they mounted at boot for at least two more boots.
Flushed with this success, I tried to repair a few (if not all) of the remaining, hitherto unmountable ext3 partitions but all gave the same errors.

Verify and Repair volume “UNTITLED”
e2fsck 1.39 (29-May-2006)
/usr/local/sbin/e2fsck: Resource busy while trying to open /dev/disk0s7
Filesystem mounted or opened exclusively by another program?
Error: Filesystem verify or repair failed.

Even afetr I unmounted the two mounted partitions, I got the same behaviour.
If I tried to mount, despite the repair not working, I got this
Command: Mount
Device: disk0s7
Message: Unknown Error (The filesystem may need repair. Please use Disk Utility to check the filesystem.)
Error: 0xC047

So, it really seems like there is something different about the other 6 unmountable partitions although I really have no idea what it could be.
I posted to the SourceForge forums about this and who knows if I might get the answer here.

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