Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tried Oosah -- some problems but looks very good

Well, with a free 1 TB (terabyte, that's 1024 GB, or 1,048,576 MB which is equivalent to 218 DVDs or 1,498 CDs or 728,178 floppy disks if anybody still uses these) of free -- oh, I already said it was free -- storage, I would be crazy not to try Oosah.
I uploaded some photos (all jpg, no problems), some videos (all .avi, no problems) and some music. Had some problems with the music.
First it seems to only recognise .mp3 as music as it ignored both .wma and .ogg files in my collection.
What's more it didn't seem to like all of my mp3 files. Of 14 that I tried to upload, only 10 were accepted. That's 71%.
The other four seemed to upload fine but at the very end gave an error message saying something about an incorrect response for an uploaded mp3 file. Trying the upload again gave the same result.
Now, the mp3 files that failed were all converted from .wma files using the script I describe here. Not sure if this script is the source of the problem. To test this I'll have to try the conversion again. I'll pencil this in for sometime in the future.
Although a warning was given that due to high traffic volume, uploading is slow. My photos uploaded at about 24 kB/s which is about half what I should get.
Oosah includes players for video and music and has a viewer for photos. So, once your stuff is uploaded, it's very convenient to look over what you have and view/play your stuff or show to friends.
One problem I found, however, was that, although I could create a new folder (under the My Music folder, for example) but the rename function didn't work. So, if you're trying to arrange all of your uploaded music into album folders, you're out of luck. Hopefully this is a beta problem.
But, all in all, this is an absolutely marvelous free utility. Hope it stays free

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  1. Hi Paul,

    The rename function was not working temporarily, but is now fixed!