Saturday, October 04, 2008

Complete F9 restore of my EeePC

Yesterday, I outlined the problems I was getting on the EeePC using the KDE Full Desktop. As I basically got no useful replies from several forum posts I made on this topic, it looked like an F9 restore was the only option.
So, I did it but first chose the First option (keep /home) but this just failed without any explanation with a white 'X' repeatedly appearing on a black screen for 1-2 seconds and then nothing for maybe 20 seconds. This is exactly what happened the last (and only other) time I tried the Option 1 restore).
So, onto Option 2 and this went totally smoothly. No problems at all.
The initial disk formatting and copying of files took about 3 minutes. After the requested reboot a further 2 minutes was required for install, choice of Keyboard (I chose US International), my username and timezone (SP, Brazil).
Next, it was just a metter of a few installs:
Opera 9.60b1
Add Debian repos to /etc/apt/sources.list
Advanced Desktop
RegionalSettings (to get Date&TimeFormat functionality in tray clock).
After this, everything, yes EVERYTHING, worked fine (although the same old sound server error appeared just once on boot but never again.
So, now, no sound server errors, VoiveCommand autostarts on boot to Full Desktop, no segfaults on boot, Control Center is back and most importantly typing immediately displays characters in the browser, editor or terminal.
Note that I made no attempt to install Beryl as it never really worked correctly and was very unpredictable.
EeePC looking very good again but can't be sure how long this is going to last.

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