Thursday, October 02, 2008

Seeing some cracks in EeePC Full Desktop

After I had changed to Full Desktop (or Advanced) mode a few days ago, I've been getting a sound server error message and the non-appearance of the sound mixer. Full details are provided in this forum post.
As mentioned in the post, the problem does not arise if I was able to briefly enter Easy mode before booting into Full Desktop.
I then found that VoiceCommand also needs a short stop in Easy mode if its symbolically-linked Autostart is to work properly in Advanced mode.
I've posted to the forum on this but have yet to receive a reply.
Incidentally, VoiceCommand works very well in Advanced Mode once you get it launched. You can readily launch things like Calculator or Network settings dialog just by speaking the app names which is both convenient and impressive.
Apparently, you can also set up your own voice commands which I haven't done yet.

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