Monday, October 13, 2008

Ubuntu Eee now looking fabulous.

Yesterday I had some reservations about Ubuntu Eee particularly due to problems I had with 3D effects and Yakuake.
Know what the culprit was? Yes, the so-called Netbook Remix which seems to have been designed to make Ubuntu Eee as ungeeky as possible and probably ties in with EeePC's originally targetted audience of schoolkids.
Luckily this is easy to get rid of although I did run into a small problem which is explained in this post.
Essentially, the solution was, as it often is, to reboot.
After this, Ubuntu Eee started to look amazing. In everything I've done today, I cannot see anywhere where Ubuntu Eee is lacking anything in comparision to the full blown Ubuntu Hardy on a full-sized box.
Simply, everything works great -- 3D effects, Yakuake, AWN, Livestation, Brazilian characters
I installed AWN from the Reacocard repo and. again, everything worked fine.
The only problem I had, if you can even call it a problem, relates to a slight, but easily resolvable, difficulty to get sound working when an audio app starts up. I posted to the forum on this but have yet to receive a reply.
I also had another sound problem in that the headphones gave a lot of static-type noise even with no audio app playing. However, to resolve this was just a matter of muting the Microphone in the sound mixer.
All-in-all, a very pleasing day.

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