Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just a little closer to getting the desired Scr Res in PClos VM on EeePC

Today I installed the TinyMe (PClos) and Zenwalk VMs (from this site) on my Dell Desktop (6 y-o, 1.86 GHz Single core, 1 GB RAM) in VMware Server under Ubuntu Hardy and both worked extremely well with absolutely no freezing of anything. Therefore, I am forced to conclude that the problem seems to be only with the EeePC possibly because of a virtual mouse driver problem.
In other news, the guy from the VM site sent me a custom-made /etc/X11/xorg.conf aimed at giving me a 1000x600 (not quite the 1024x600 required by the EeePC 901) screen resolution. So, I tried it and it didn't look at all bad. Strangely though, the Control Center>>Hardware>>Change you screen resolution gve 640x480 as the current resolution which quite clearly it wasn't. In addition, the hoped-for 1000x600 did not show up in the list of available resoltuion options.
But, on the other hand, from what I could see, the actual resolution was very close to being 1000x600 as the horizontal dimension was just short of the full screen width (1024 px) and the mouse pointer would only just go barely beneath the bottom of the screen.
So, that looks good although it would have been nicer to have some "official" confirmation of this achievement (seeing the 1000x600 in the list, for example).
However, on the downside, the performance of this particular "version" of TinyMe was very, very sluggish -- apps very slow to open, reboot taking as much as 3-4 minutes to shut down, higher than normal CPU load (30-40% in idle versus normal of 15-20%). No explanation for this at the moment.
In any event, I treid the same thing in TinyMe in VB (ie, adding mode line for 1024x600@60, taking out all resolutions from the display section other than 1024x600) and then I rebooted. However, this produced no change. Still the same 1024x768 reslution and the /etc/X11/xorg.conf taht I had meticulaously sculptured to give the required resolution went right back to the very same as it had been before the changes I made. This must be hard-coded somewhere.

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