Thursday, December 04, 2008

Senryu has Internet !!!

Yes, the latest raw Senryu image includes the ar81xx driver for the EeePC 901 network card (Atheros L1 Fast Ethernet) and it works perfectly.
This is a really major breakthrough and opens up the possibility of Haiku being of interest to a lot of EeePC-ers. When I've had a few days of experience, I'll post this on the EeePC Users forum.
However, I still don't understand why I couldn't install the driver hat Ithamar sent me yesterday. Indeed, I even copied the working driver from Senryu to Haiku and symlinked it in Haiku, but it also didn't work.

Another breakthrough of sorts. I managed to locate a working download site for Zeta 1.21 LiveCD and I've downloaded it (nearly 400 KB/s). I'll burn a CD and try it tomorrow.

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