Friday, December 05, 2008

Zeta 1.21 Live-CD

Yesterday I managed to get hold of the zipfile for Zeta LiveCD. So, now all I had to do was burn it to CD and see how it looked when I booted to the CD. Simple, right?
Well, actually, no. See, this so-called LiveCD is a package of two .img files (one being a boot image) and a cuesheet. What the hell is a cue sheet?
This is a very small text file that tells the burner which files are to be burnt to disk and in what order.
Actually, this is a very good idea particularly if the package contains many files and options for burning. Once you pick the cuesheet for the option you want, you don't have to worry about getting all the necessary files in the right order on your disk as the cuesheet does that for you.
Perfect, that sounds easy enough. Let's get burning. Wait, can I do this in Linux? Apparently not. Seems that none of the CD/DVD burners that function in Linux support the cuesheet concept.
From what I can gather this only works in Nero (although I did come across a thread in Linux.Com that dealt with this issue but I can't find it now to provide a link although this is not bad but read the comments too.).
Luckily Nero allows you to trial many of its products for a few weeks. So I tried NeroLinux first but couldn't get this to work on the cue sheets (seems though that it does work so I must have made a mess of my effort).

Edit (7-12-2008) Indeed, I did make a mess of this. Nerolinux can easily handle cue sheets. You just have to click the open button in the left-hand panel and then pick the cue sheet you want. Very simple.

Anyway, I installed the trial version of Nero 9 (slimmed down version but still nearly 1 GB) and this handled the cue sheets with consummate ease.

OK, so now I tried to boot into thee Zeta 1.21 LiveCD. First on the Mac. Got to the bootsplash and went through the icons but it stopped dead after all the icons had been lit up.
So, moved it to the Dell and this time it booted, slowly, but it did boot without any problems.
So, finally I experienced Zeta.
Well, what did I think?
Hmmm, seems like something from quite some time ago but is somewhat dated now.Very similar to Haiku and BeOS as is to be expected. I honestly didn't see anything that would make me want to come back again to Zeta other than for historical or nostalgia reasons. Or maybe just plain curiosity.

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