Thursday, January 08, 2009

Autostart in Senryu VM

A few weeks ago I wrote that linking an apps binary to the Startup folder did not get the app (in my case, LaunchBox) to start at boot even though I could later click on the link and LaunchBox launched without problem.
Well, I tried the same thing in Senryu-PE-28815 VM on the Dell 4550 in VMware Server. Exactly the same performance. LaunchBox did not start at boot but started without problem when I later clicked on the link.
So, seems that Startup doesn't work. [Another, but probably remote, possibility is that some delay is required before LaunchBox can successfully be launched -- I'll try this out

Edit: just tried this out as follows:
Made a script in StyledEdit as follows:

sleep 10

Made it executable with chmod a+x
and then moved the whole thing, not a link, to /boot/home/config/be/Startup
However, still did nothing although clicking on this script in the Startup folder gets the terminal to open after 10 seconds
So, once again, the evidence suggests the Startup folder does not work.].

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