Friday, January 23, 2009

Tiny Core -- loading extensions at boot

The script I had written to get the wireless connection working in Tiny Core has to be preceded by the loading of wireless_tools. This is very easily done by use of app_browser. However, I wanted it to be done automatically to minimize the keystrokes needed to get the wireless going after boot.
Turns out that adding the .tce files to /mnt/hdd7/tce causes them to be loaded at boot -- what could be simpler.
However, the bigger step was to get my wireless startup script (startwifi) to run at boot so that wireless actually connected during the boot as indeed I already have done in Puppy Linux.
I made a lot of attempts at this (details are available in this forum thread) but to no avail ATM.
It may be that I'll have to look into creating a .tce of this script to get it to launch at boot. There a guide on this but it doesn't look that simple. Still, it'd be a nice challenge.

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