Monday, January 12, 2009

Windows 7 -- yes, I'm trying to install it!

As I mentioned over on my other blog, I had a lot of trouble just getting the "free" beta of Windows 7 to download. I had tried the English version 5 times and the german version once. Every single one errored out during the download.
Then, it dawned on me that Windows is extremely picky and probably didn't like the fact that I was attempting the download in Ubuntu using the Opera browser.
So, I moved to the Dell E520 Desktop where we have WinXP Professional. Now, using this link in Internet Explorer I got the product key and the download without any problems.
So, downloaded at about 450 kB/s (1.5 hours). However, had to copy it over to my Ubuntu install because I can't burn a DVD from Windows.
OK, time to see if I can install Windows 7.
So, on the Dell E520, I first tried to install it to a 55GB ntfs logical partition. However, got this error:

Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition

So, maybe this was because Windows doesn't like logical partitions. Next I made a 75 GB primary partitions (incidentally by deleting the Dell Utility partition) and tried the install again.
Same error.
Now I'm very puzzled.
Googled and found some mention of this error although not specifically with Windows 7. No real solution available although this came close. However trying what is suggested here didn't work for me.
So, posted on the MS Windows 7 forum but have yet to receive a solution.
Nevertheless, I did notice that LifeHacker have a link to something about dual-booting Windows 7 with Vista so that might give me some clues.

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  1. I had this problem until I unplugged my external USB drives during installation (same problem as installing vista for me as well).