Wednesday, February 11, 2009

VLC media player in Haiku

The secret to getting sound in Haiku is not just to download OSS, but to expand it in the right place.
The first time I tried, I expanded it on the desktop as I was expecting some kind of source to be compiled (I think........).
However, I noticed that the expansion provided a directory tree starting with /home. So, I figured it needed to be expanded in /boot. When I did this everything came right in my Preferences/Media.
To mute the computer speakers and just leave the phones working required changing the speaker setting to mix3 from mix2 as I had already done in Senryu.

A problem with the Haiku raw image is that it's very small (400 MB) of which well less than 100 MB are free after installation. However, Haiku makes it very easy to mount another partition (e.g the Ubuntu /home in my case where I have some music files), open whatever directory you want in that partition, and (for example) drag and drop music files into Haiku's VLC player. You can even drop Music folders and the whole album will play. This is a very nice feature.
Apparently this works also with video files. However,I wasn't able to test this as I just don't have any video files available.
It'll also be interesting to see if I can just as easily play music (or video) files that I've archived in the "cloud".

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