Monday, May 04, 2009

YouTube now working in Jaunty on EeePC

When a problem seems to be unique to you, then the solution is usually just a simple reconfiguration.
As it turns out, only one other guy seems to have had my Jaunty YouTube problem and the solution was just to delete ~/.opera/opera6.ini and restart Opera which will generate a new, clean, version of this file.
This did the trick for me although I still don't understand exactly what the problem was. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that the old version of opera6.ini that I deleted was 26 KB in size whereas the new one was less than 2 KB.
Here are some links to forum threads that I used to solve the problem and/or to explain the solution I had found: Opera forum, EeePC-users forum.
Now, with that major issue out of the way, Jaunty is starting to look very good although there's maybe still a few rough edges.

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