Sunday, June 28, 2009

BBC iPlayer

In spite of what many people think, Ireland is not in fact in the UK. Therefore, the famed BBC iPlayer doesn't work here.
However, connecting to the internet via a proxy server based in the UK will "fool" the iPlayer into thinking that I am indeed a Brit.
Here's a link that explains how to do this although what I did was just a little simpler.
So, I open Firefox (which I rarely use being an ardent Opera fan) and configure to change to a proxy server as follows:
Edit>>Preferences>>Advanced>>Network Tab>>Settings
In the dialog that opens, click the radio button for Manual proxy configuration. Add the server IP and port to the HTTP boxes and check to use this proxy server for all protocols. Click OK and try to open the BBC iPlayer in Firefox. In my case it worked perfectly.
As the link mentions, not all proxies work. So having selected a UK proxy from this link, you must be prepared to be disappointed before you find one that works well.
In my case, the first although listed as a UK proxy seemed to shift itself around the world very frequently which made it unsuitable. The second stayed in the UK but was abominably slow.
Then I came across and this worked fine. Whether it will always work fine is hard to say at this stage.
Just to console any Brits who might be reading this, I essentially don't watch TV at all and I'm extremely unlikely to avail of this new-found font of culture and information. I really only did this to see how easy it was.

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