Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Still using Linux Mint 7 on my EeePC 901 but really cannot see any but very minor differences from Ubuntu 9.04 which I have on the same box.
I have, however, been adding some differences my self such as using Kiba-Dock in Mint rather than AWN.
Today, I installed Checkgmail rather than Gmail-notify which I use in Ubuntu.
I used the svn version but needed to install three dependencies to get it to run. The first (whose name I forget) was available in the Mint repos but two others (XML-Simple-2.18 and Crypt-SSLeay-0.57) I had to download the sources and compile.
However, after installing these two, everything went fine.
Checkgmail works fine in Mint although I'm not sure if it does anything better than Gmail-notify. However, it is different.

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