Saturday, July 11, 2009

Still can't get Senryu raw image to boot

I've been using Senryu for quite some time. First I used the VMware image in a virtual machine.
While this always worked fine it was just a little slow.
So, I tried the raw image available on the same site. This was easy to install and make bootable and was so much faster than the VM. So this became the standard.
However, of late (actually for the last three months) I haven't been able to get the raw Senryu image to boot and I've tried three different builds up to the latest today (r31445).
Strangely, every time I've had this problem with Senryu, the latest Haiku raw image, installed in exactly the same way, booted perfectly.
I've posted to the Senryu 'forum" about this but no answer yet. I'll post if I can resolve this.

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