Saturday, July 04, 2009

Yet another Twitter client -- Spaz

This all started because I wanted to see what Adobe Air apps were useful in Ubuntu Jaunty. Actually, up to now I have never really found Adobe Air apps that have been any more than mildly amusing, but largely unnecessary widgets.
Anyway, this post details how to get Adobe Air working (I aready had it working though) and where to find the apps.
As the post suggested I tried Spaz (primarly because absolutely none of tthe others seemed even remotely useful. The poster points out that Adobe Air apps have the advantage that they can be run without opening a browser. Quite honestly, it's not clear to me why this is advantageous.
Anyway, Spaz is not bad but doesn't seem to allow tweets although RTs, @replies and DMs are allowed (actually this seems strange and I'll need to confirm).
However, a major drawback is that replies to me don't seem to be available. This is probably the main, if not the only reason, that I find the other two Twitter clients useful.
(Edit: For some reason, @replies didn't show up when I used Spaz the first few times but now they do. They're all jumbled together with tweets and DMs. However, you can toggle between Tweets and @Replies/DMs. So that's a lot better)
Notifications (presumably libnotify) show up when there are additions to my timeline which is good. I'll probably add mumbles here on my EeePC 901 (where I've installed Spaz) as I prefer the mumbles bubble notifications to the ones provided by libnotify.
The GUI is nice and colourful and has a variety of themes although the Spaz theme seems by far the best to me. I'll try it out for a few days to see how it compares to Gwibber and Tweetdeck.

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